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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Occupational safety and health act of 1970 pdf

Instructions and Help about Occupational safety and health act of 1970 pdf

Hello everybody to start the class I want to go through the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 this is really important to go over and to understand because this is really what sets up the base not only for the the 1910 series that we're gonna go about that we're going to go through on this semester but really the entire safety field and all of Occupational Safety comes down to this one act and if we have a good understanding of this act then we're able to understand the rationale behind some of the laws or the standards and how best to comply with them so I get to start off with a little bit of background to the Act and the way a lot of people refer to this you'd like you see up on the top is a jack'd Occupational Safety and Health Act it's just a Shack and that's how I'm going to refer to it as well so this is actually sponsored back in 1969 1970 by a couple of a couple of congressmen representative O'Hara form of Michigan and senator Williams from New Jersey this is actually I guess you called the second kick at the can for some sort of occupational safety and health regulation it started off in the in the Johnson administration it never really took took root came back around in the Nixon administration and then it actually took root and grew from there ah surprising especially if you look at today's political environment hit pretty wide bipartisan support everybody seemed to agree with the fact that you know what the safety of our people are are is good it's an important thing there are some little things Republicans wanted that independent safety and health research agency call it now NIOSH and Democrats wanted to make sure that there's included a general clause so there's was to say that employers had to keep their people safe and then had the right for union representatives to company federal inspectors this bill was signed in on December night 29 1970 and OSHA actually came about April 28 1971 and then this was amended in January 1st 2022 as well the actual Shack was so if you look at the a Shack and I hint this on your on the blackboard page you should read it I mean you're gonna have a quiz that it's going to be based off of that and not necessarily what I'm covering here there's 34 sections although there's some that have been removed if you look at that the end of the act there's some some things let me take a look here economic consistent small businesses with taking out digital assistant secretary labor emergency locator beacons just stuff it really didn't apply any more so though some of those have been removed but just what the OSH Act really does is it since the grown ones for safety that no matter where you're.


According to the Occupational Safety and Health Act 1994 (Act 514), what is the minimum number of employees that require the employer to establish the occupational safety and health committee at the workplace?
According to Malaysian OSHA 1994, minimum employees for safety&health committee to be established is 40 person.It shall be consisted of a chairman (top management representative), a secretary (should be the P.I.C for safety&health), 2 employer’s representatives (manager level), and 2 employees representatives (supervisor level).If you have more than 4 departments, I suggested that each department have their own representatives. Oh, you can also invite third party such as DOSH, customers, suppliers, contractors to be spectator. The more the merrier. The challenge is to get more than 60% participant of members for the meeting.Try to keep the agendas of meeting in 1 page handout. Focus on high priority issue. Get the issue solved, the least is you get the idea to draft for correction from corresponding members.Good luck!
How hard is it to find jobs in Occupational health and safety in Australia?
There are quite a lot of factors you have to take into account to answer this question including what your industry experience is, your qualifications and your geographic location.Given the Construction boom that is currently underway on the Eastern side of Australia (Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne) there is a greater demand for health and safety professionals/practitioners that know how the construction industry works. If you have at least 5 years experience and a relevant degree then you should be able to easily find a role.If you have more experience but no qualifications as long as the experience is in health and safety roles then a lack of a degree shouldn't stop you getting a role.
How is occupational health and safety related to the IT industry?
Having worked as an occupational therapist in that area, I can attest that there are many occupational health issues related to IT work.Some are obvious—cumulative trauma as the result of long-held postures and repetitive motion. The nerves in the wrist and at the elbow are often subject to trauma, due to consent keyboard and mouse work, particularly when the level of the work surface cannot be adjusted. The ability of chair adjustment is also a factor. The result is a posture that reduces blood flow to the upper extremities and facilities the onset of trauma.Another factor is sustained work and posture without change of position or change in the activity. IT workers can become very focused on their work and much time can pass without any relief of their position. It’s simply not easy to take programmed breaks in programming! If the work is support, add the stress of customers on the other end setting your schedule for you.Screens are getting much better, but there is still significant eye strain, and there is growing evidence of the negative effects of certain colors/temperatures of light. And into this you have to consider ambient room lighting.Because many workers are young, there is less incidence, thankfully, but as they age the problems can evolve.Another area not often realized is back injuries. IT staff often have to install servers or batteries that are hefty, into small closets. And being IT workers, they generally are not in shape for such lifting, or may not be provided the equipment to minimize the loads. And sometimes it just can’t be done safely.The best approach is prevention. It is unlikely that employers are going to rush out and meet your postural needs, but workers can choose a discipline of timed breaks, if only to stand and stretch. Sadly, most don't until they have issues. Good sleep and diet, and regular exercise is very helpful. Again, this is not common, unless the person simply focuses on those issues normally in their lives.One of the growing issues is the growing trend towards laptop use. It’s simply hard to modify a laptop for good ergonomics, unless keyboards and pointing devices, and larger screens are added.
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