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Which beach is closest to Nashville TN, and how far is it by car?
I concur with the majority here and say that it is a toss up between Gulf Shores, AL and Panama City Beach FL. However, I have been to neither location and prefer to visit Assateague Island National Seashore when I visit Maryland.
As someone who loves mountains, cold weather, city life, and snow boarding, how would I like living in Nashville, TN?
If you are looking for snow, mountains and snow boarding, I would have to say that Nashville probably isn't for you. Our of your original four loves, only love for city life fits Nashville. And even though it is a big city, it still kind of has a small city feel.As someone else answered, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park is about 3 to 4 hours away. They do get snow in the winter, fairly large amounts in the upper elevations, but down in Gatlinburg (which borders the park), snow is fairly rare.There is a ski resort called Ober Gatlinburg, and as long as the weather is cold enough, they make snow all season.I'm from Gatlinburg and we used to get snow a lot. I remember one year when I was in high school, we didn't go back to school from Christmas vacation until sometime in February, because it just kept snowing.I don't know why we don't get as much anymore. Unless the Blizzard of ’93 hit us so hard that God decided we had had our snow allotment for the next 40 to 50 years lol.But you will rarely get snow in Nashville, and if it does snow, it melts fairly quickly.Hope this helps answer your question!
What did people not tell you about living in Nashville, TN that you had to find out yourself?
I’m a native, I’m not sure I can answer this question in the same way that someone would who has moved here from somewhere else. When you are born and raised in a place, nobody really tells you anything about the place (except in history class), so you really have to find out everything. But it doesn’t feel like ‘finding out• anything, it’s just the osmosis of growing up here.There have been times when the local media have really pushed our status as ‘Music City USA.• And if you come here from somewhere else, your preconceptions are probably that the country music industry is a big part of life here. And there really is a lot of music. So as I grew up and watched local TV, listened to local radio, and read local papers, I had that impression too. But as I found out as I got old enough to start seeing the city through my own eyes, I learned that in practical terms, only a very small percentage of people who live here work in that field. Though it’s true that a lot of the influx to the city is of people who want to make it big in music, especially country music. And the number of available jobs just isn’t big enough to support their dreams. This leads to an old joke: How do you get a songwriter off your porch? Pay for your pizza.Here’s something that I also picked up on through the course of growing up here: Before we were Music City, we were the Athens of the South. In that vein, there are quite a few institutions of higher learning here. And we have a full-size replica of the Parthenon. But that’s not particularly hidden, it’s just eclipsed by the music.We could also possibly claim to have briefly been the insurance capital of the southeast US, as two very prominent businesses here in the mid-to-late 20th century were National Life and Accident Insurance Co., and Life and Casualty Insurance Co. Some of our major media outlets were started as investments by these companies, including WSM and WLAC radio, and later TV stations (having changed hands, now known as WSMV and WTVF respectively). WSM was chosen as call letters to reflect the slogan of National Life, “We Shield Millions,” and WLAC was for “Life And Casualty.” I’m not sure we still hold that position with respect to the insurance industry, but we sure did back then. If you didn’t live here during those times, you probably wouldn’t ever have occasion to know that, and it’s not something that people will bother to tell you.
How is like to move from west coast to live in Nashville, TN?
I fully agree with Dan but there is an exception. If your not living or working in downtown, it's much different. I lived in Bellevue. Which is 25 min west of downtown and worked in Brentwood, 20 south of downtown. The route I took for work had me passing deer walking down tree covered countryside roads and this path was Faster, than taking the interstate, even when empty, because it was shorter. So point is if you will be using interstates only and crossing downtown it's slow, however not the 1 hour to go a mile stories I hear about CA. Open Wazes website and enter a route from your future part of town to your future employer and enter the morning rush time and it will give you traffic data.
How long is it to drive from Nashville, TN to Peoria, AR?
You can look this up on Google Maps or other similar sites.
Has anyone retired to Raleigh NC or to Nashville TN, and how do you like it?
My wife and I moved to Raleigh 30 years ago. I earned my MSW at UNC and subsequently had a career as a psychotherapist until I retired on disability due to illness. We’ve raised 2 children to adulthood. Both earned degrees from excellent local schools and are well on their chosen career paths. We bought 6000 square foot house for pennies on the dollar in 1995.None of this could have occurred anywhere. I have had extraordinary medical care for my illness. My wife and children have also enjoyed great care. I could go on, but the essence of my response is that Raleigh has a wealth opportunities and resources for your wants and needs.
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