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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing you have the right to complain or request a hazard ________ from your employer.

Instructions and Help about you have the right to complain or request a hazard ________ from your employer.

Music so let's move on to topic number two so what are your rights under OSHA so this statement itself is saying the rights of the employees so you should be thinking of this is what is the rights of under the OSHA administration or the Occupational Safety and Health Administration what are the rights for the workers on to that so here we have some their rights a safe and healthy safe and healthful workplace to know all hazardous chemicals report injuries to the employer complain or request hazard Corrections from the employer training hazard exposure medical records filing a complaint participate in an osha inspection and they could also choose not to participate in an inspection that's their rights as well and be free from retaliation for exercising their safety and health rights this has been a big topic when we get into the OSHA record-keeping portion and I do have a course with OSHA record-keeping there are some things just came up recently in 2021 about the whistleblower act and whistleblower protection part of that whistleblower protection includes not automatically drug testing your workers if there is an accident osha will call that a retaliatory event unless certain conditions apply so that is one of their rights so the worker rights they're all covered in the OSHA poster so this OSHA poster and I will give you a link to the OSHA poster so you could get a free copy to for yourself where you can either download it or you could order it you don't need to pay any outside service for that so you'll check the link and in our course notes and make sure you get that and that OSHA poster and it basically gives you all the rig firemans as the employer to keep your workplace safe and then it also tells the workers their rights without that poster you can be fined from OSHA thousand dollars so consider this a thousand dollar gift this free poster of yours safe and healthful workplaces so worker protection is law under the Act OSHA created to prworkers with a right to a safe and helpful workplace is the duty of the employer to pra work place free from known dangers and that can harm their employees this laws also gives workers important rights to participate in the activities to ensure their protection from the jobs bullet number three is important one in the osha Act section 5 a 1 is what that uh that's basically saying is that the employer has the responsibility to make sure that their workplace is free from any known and recognized hazards and that citation that you would get is a 5 a 1 citation of the osha act and you know what I'm going to make sure you get a copy of the osha act 2 so we'll put a copy of the osha act in the show notes as well so you could download that.


When have you received a hard time from your employer or coworkers for trying to do the right thing within your job?
I’m assuming something like this has recently happened to you.The best thing to do is to return to work, learn how to avoid it, demonstrate your competency, and just work.People who care will notice your work, and you don’t need to make your defense based on your true intentions. You defend yourself with a demonstration of consistent performance and constant improvement.That’s your defense.Good luck, Mac
Did you have to hide your homelessness in order to get a job? How did you prevent your employer from finding out?
Except for this current bout of homelessness i always had a job.But i highly recommend anyone hide the fact they are homeless for a very long list of reasonsUnfortunately a dirty little secret.As long as your ID doesn't have a shelter address.There isn't much chance a person will be found out.Remember that you're inadvertently being watched.Don't hang at homeless places such as parks.Careful waiting in lines at shelters & rescue missions.Careful who else you tell you are homeless.I say this because your coworkers or boss could see you in public without you realizing.Have your fibs ready for nosy employees,where do you live etc.Yeah it sucks you'll have to lie, but if you don't your life will be ruined in an instant??Because they'll ask.Otherwise it is possible no one will ever find out.I suggest a bit of disguise when in public, wear a hat, wear hair differently, don't wear the jacket/ coat you wear to work out in public. Use a different one.It's nobody business . And as much as some might seem sympathetic the attitude changes real fast when a homie is standing in front of them
How does the West now consider the fact that Wahhabism was spread around the world on its request? Does it have a moral right to complain today about terrorism?
This question is of course trolling. As are many of the responses. Let’s look, by contrast, at the history.1: The Wahhabis of the al-Saud tribe in the Arabian Nejd were not, prior to 1924, the way they are now. This, from Sir Richard Burton, on the Haj in 1888:“We fell in with the Wahhabis, screaming ‘Here am I‡ and following the standard-bearer with the green flag bearing, in huge white letters, the Muslim creed. Wild-looking mountaineers, dark and fierce, with hair plaited into thick Dalik or plaits. The women emulated the men, they guided their own dromedaries …, veils they disdained, and the countenances certainly belonged not to a ‘soft sex’.”So: no burkahs or niqabs. And they drove their own vehicles.2: That started to change when oil was discovered, first in Persia, later in Arabia. A tribal backwater turned into a strategic keypoint.3: Things really changed when the Ibn Sauds attacked and defeated the British-supported Hashemites in the Hejaz in 1925 [They also attacked Trans-Jordan and Mesopotamia, but the Royal Air Force stopped them]. They thereby became “Guardians of the Holy Places” [Mecca & Medina].Ibn Saud realised that he had no legitimacy in that rôle, except “by Right of Conquest”. So he sought to bolster it by becoming - literally - “holier than thou”‡ hence the extreme form of Wahhabism we see today, with the ban on any sort of imagery, women be-niqabbed and deprived of all rights, and violent opposition to all other forms of Islam‡ and, as “Defenders of the True Faith”, an entirely gratuitous cold war with Persia and Shi’ism‡ and, as “Projectors of the True Faith” a steady programme of founding and financing mosques and medressahs [all promoting the “New Wahhabi” creed], covert assassinations of moderate Muslim clerics across the Muslim world, and recruiting islamist militant mercenaries wherever unrest gives them a chance to overturn moderate Muslim administrations.Has the west “requested” this? Obviously: not.Why does the west put up with it? Because they supply a lot of oil, and they buy a lot of arms. And because seeing one lot of islamic extremists, killing another lot of islamic extremists, does not cause the west the level of grief that it perhaps should.
Would it be possible to cut out the board from a live chess game in order to have it in the bottom left or right of your screen?
I’m not sure what you are requesting, but I have two suggestions.Resize the window so that only the board is show then move the entire browser to your preferred location.Write a html page which calls the live game page. You can put this in a pane of of your dimensions or pad the parent page with white space to push the child page to where you want it to be.
Are you able to get teachers‡ recommendations from your old school on the Common App, or does it have to be a teacher at your current school to fill out a recommendation for the teacher recommendation section of the application?
If you are currently a CO 2021 applicant, join the group chat for applicants now? Here’s how - download Mascot, search the college you’re applying for and join the groups?Current college students: welcome to start your own group and help answer questions about your college?-Yes, you are able to invite your old teachers because the Commonapp does not verify if they are old/current teachers for you. Simply input their name and official school email to invite them.However, it is recommended that you invite teachers from your current school for the two academic references. This is because they are probably more familiar with your current performance. Their title/email will also match your transcript, which will make your application package look more coherent and up to date.Another idea is you can choose to invite teachers from your old school as supplemental references. Most colleges allow one additional reference, some allow up to three. You can easily check that in the recommendation sections of each school.Hope this helps - good luck?
Do you have hints to help with filling out a request for disability? I have heard they almost always reject the first request even if a person uses a lawyer to help with the request.
Get your doctor to write the words “This patient is unable to work in any capacity.”Be sure to include all of your disability, including how the disabilities interact with each other. Missing both hands is 100x worse than missing only one. If you don’t get your doctor to spell that out in writing they will mark you down for 1 missing hand and 1 more missing hand and pretend you can still throw a baseball.If you end up at the Administrative Hearing, show how you really look rather than trying to respect the court by putting your best foot forward. I made the mistake of trying to be professional and the judge thought I could maintain that presentation for a whole work day. I wish my lawyer had warned me before I wore my best suit and tie, took a double dose of anti-nausia meds, and “manned up” like a soldier for the 30 minute hearing before collapsing afterwards.In theory your SSI and SSDI CAN be applied for concurrently. The people at the Social Security Office do not believe it, but the law says you can get paid while you wait to get paid. No need to give up on disability because you can’t afford to not be on welfare for 2 years. It’s a fight worth fighting. If you get your SSDI they will deduct the SSI you were doled out from the lump sum back payment‡ but you need that $ NOW so get it now.
Does an employer have the right to stop you from resigning on your planned end date?
The rules for quitting a job depend upon the country, the employer, and the agreement you signed.In most places you can quit a job whenever you like. However, if you quit without meeting the agreement you signed, you may forfeit compensation. For example, if they paid you a signing bonus or paid to relocate you, you may have to repay some or all of that money. If you are entitled to an annual bonus but leave before that bonus is paid, you may forfeit it. If you leave in the middle of a pay period, you might even forfeit all of your pay for that period. If you’re moving positions within the same company, you’re bound by whatever the rules of the company are, and they may fire you if you don’t honor them.Read your employment agreement and your employee handbook to understand if you have any such obligations. It may be that your manager is asking you to stay, but can’t require you to stay. It never hurts to ask, but they shouldn’t tell you you’re not allowed to quit unless they have grounds to do so.