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Music this is a Capitol news report from the California Chamber of Commerce several new employment laws will take effect in January and Beyond with lasting impact on California employers including Senate bill 1343 which expands sexual harassment prevention training requirements to virtually every business in the state and all their employees and supervisors current law limited training requirements to those employers with 50 or more employees and only how to be provided to supervisors sb 1343 requires one hour of harassment prevention training for employees and two hours for supervisors by January 2021 employers can satisfy this training requirement in a number of different ways they can offer live training or they can do computer-based training which Cal Chamber does offer employers can go to Cal chamber comm to see our store site that does include online training resources also taking effect next year is a highly controversial law mandating female representation on corporate boards any publicly traded corporation with its principal office in California has to have one member on their board of directors who is a woman by the end of 2021 after 2021 the law requires gender quotas based on the total number of board members so for example if you have a board of directors that has at least six or more members you have to have three of those that are women there are penalties associated with failure to comply so for the first violation it's a hundred thousand dollar penalty and a subsequent violation is three hundred thousand dollars when signing Senate bill 826 into law the governor acknowledged it could face significant legal challenges some company who's impacted by the law could file a legal claim suggesting that it's unconstitutional for a company to retain a member on their board of directors solely based upon their gender however until that legal action happens it is the law of California another new law requires all employers to prlactation accommodations for employees this is really going to impact employers with 50 or less employees because they haven't previously had to pra lactation accommodation space other than a toilet stall not of employers are in office space so they really do have to get creative some of them are in a food truck some of them are in a drive-through coffee shop Cal Chamber worked really diligently with the author's office to try and make this the most workable approach so if the employer is a unique space that really only has a bathroom that would have been a reasonable accommodation because of safety standards then they could potentially utilize a temporary structure or potentially raise a hardship exemption these are only a few of the new laws impacting California employers to learn more visit Cal this has been a capitol news report from the California Chamber of Commerce.


Is Memphis, TN a safe place to live in? How?
Memphis is like most other big cities in that there are safe areas, and not so safe areas. Memphis is a big city, and it’s really spread out. There are a lot of areas that are sketchy, to down right dangerous. I’ve seen, and been in most of these areas. Most areas I feel fine walking around, or driving through. I’m a pretty big guy though, and most people probably wouldn’t pick me to start something with. There are a few areas I tend to avoid at all costs though.In general, the touristy areas are fairly safe. There’s usually a pretty good police presence in these areas, and there’s usually people around at all times of the day. Memphis proper is also surround by several smaller towns and suburbs that are pretty safe in general.If you follow common sense, and the rules of being in any city, you should be fine. If you see bars on the windows, sketchy looking people hanging around, run down buildings, liquor stores on every corner, payday loan places on every corner, graffiti and tagged buildings everywhere, these are the areas I wouldn’t want live in or near.In general these areas are pretty safe. Bartlet, Cordova, Germantown, Collierville, Millington, These are the suburbs that surround Memphis. Area’s of Memphis proper I would feel okay in would be Overton Square area, Cooper Young, UofM area (staying on the North side of campus) Downtown area (closer to Beale St, Madison Ave, Etc) most of Midtown in general is fairly safe. I would avoid Orange Mound, Chelsea Ave, South Memphis/South Third areas, Frayser, sketch parts of Downtown, probably Nutbush, Whitehaven, Parkway Village, Hickory Hill.This is all just my experience however, and my idea of safe isn’t necessarily someone else’s idea of safe, so if you are looking at moving to the area, I would suggest doing research on the part of town you’re interested in, look at crime statistics, drive through the area, and look around. Talk to some people who live there. This will give you an idea if you’d feel comfortable there or not.In general though, if you’re not involved with illegal activity, gangs, drugs, robbery, etc, and you stay out of the generally rougher areas, you’re probably going to be okay.
How much does it cost to live in Memphis, TN?
It Doesn’t too much in Memphis TN. I think Memphis is one of the cheapest cities in united states as far as living cost is concerned.I just share one of my personal experiences here.Once I worked in a Marketing agency in Memphis. Because of the problem in my tooth, I was supposed to do Root Canal Treatment. So I Consulted, Dr. Higginbotham, the Family Dentist in Memphis TN. The Root Canal Treatment was just cheaper compared to other cities.So, I would say Memphis is not Costlier to live.http://www.higginbothamfamilyden...
How can I get cheap flights to Memphis, TN?
Check out Southwest for great deals, and Liligo: Compare cheap flight tickets and travel deals :)
What are some out of the way places to eat in Memphis TN that have really good food?
Check out this blog. It’s a food blog of restaurants mostly in the Memphis area.Rob's (mostly) Food Blog
How long does it take regular mail from California to arrive in Memphis, TN?
I send/receive First Class mail and small packages fairly often and it’s rarely longer than three business days if it’s to or from a city in California, meaning they can send on Monday and am confident I’ll receive it in Thursday’s mail, we don’t count the ship day. More rural and northern California locations may take an extra day or two, both ways. More than once I’ve seen something ship on a Friday before cut-off time and arrive in Monday’s mail. It’s so fast that I won’t pay for Priority Mail unless it’s over 13 ounces, the maximum weight for First Class mail and packages.
How long does it take to deliver a letter coming from IL to Memphis, TN?
Usually we see ours arrive within 2 days. It can take longer but rarely do we wait more than 3 days. My son’s invitation didn’t arrive to my friend’s in Il. for like 5 days, weekend included. I don’t know if it was the envelope size or just happenstance. Never waited that long before, but it taught me that it can certainly take longer than usual. So: We have had NEXT DAY arrivals, and Arrivals that took roughly 3 days, if you don’t include the weekend days involved.
How long does it take regular mail to come from Mound Bayou, MS to Memphis, TN?
2–3 days tops.