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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Osha standards

Instructions and Help about Osha standards

Oh good afternoon everybody thank you for joining us today for the sixth webinar in con la piel carries OSHA webinar series we set about to put together the agenda for the entire year back in October November last year and just sort of guess that it would be right around June that OSHA was going to finalize the injury and illness record-keeping submission rule and it turned out that we we were pretty accurate in our guest right at the end of May OSHA issued a final rule of great consequence for most employers in the US and that's why you all are here today is to I guess learn about this new rule what it means for you whether it applies to you when the important dates are and what the potential consequences are of this new rule so we're going to cover today OSHA is injury and illness record-keeping electronic submission home as well as one other record-keeping rule that's moving its way through the rulemaking process we probably won't see it by the end of the Obama presidency but there but OSHA is pushing hard on that and that's the rule to change the statute of limitations but the majority of our discussion today will focus on the electronic record-keeping rule so the faceless voices that you're hearing I recognize most of the names of the folks who have dialed in but some of you and we're a meeting or webinar meeting for the first time my name is Eric Conn I'm one of the founding partners of John Maffeo Kerry and I chair the firm's national workplace safety OSHA Practice Group my practice focuses on all aspects and workplace safety and health law I represent employers and infinite inspections incident investigations from a broad range of agencies but primarily OSHA and the state OSHA programs we also get involved in EPA matters where there's an overlap with workplace safety as well as the u.s. Chemical Safety and hazard Investigation Board and we were very pleased earlier this year to add a couple of really really stellar mine safety and how professionals to our team as well so we really do have the full range of safety and health covered I also work on all matters of litigation with OSHA from contesting citations to criminal referrals and investigations to criminal prosecution we also work with our clients to develop safety and health programs the audit safety and health programs and prtraining and compliance counseling I'm joined today by my partner Amanda Stratus Walker and I'll have her introduce herself a little bit good afternoon hi my name is Amanda strannix Walker and I work with Eric Conn and do just about everything same practice area as Eric I've been working with Eric for a little over the past five years and I actually might be one of the few practitioners if not the only one who can say that my entire legal career has.


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Is there an OSHA standard for ergonomics? What are the OSHA standards for aerospace engineering? Do composite toe boots meet OSHA standards for construction workers? Do Bose headphones meet OSHA standards? Does every state have the same OSHA standards? What is the OSHA standard for hard hats? What are OSHA standards about fixed wiring testing? What movie plots could've been avoided by following OSHA standards? Where do OSHA standards appear and what are they broken down into?
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