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What ination would you expect to find in a fat/cat report? Form: What You Should Know

All the major metropolitan areas in the United States plus Guam in the Pacific Ocean (APM 7-1) and ten meetings with witnesses and/or company personnel that included both public and company witnesses.

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FAQ - What information would you expect to find in a fat/cat report?

What are some resources inside the workplace that will help you find information on safety?
What are some resources inside the workplace that will help you find information on safety and health issues? Co-workers, union rep, supervisor, MSDS, labels, manuals, etc.
What is a fat cat inspection?
The reporting rule has been long-referred to informally as the Fat-Cat rule because it requires employers to report to OSHA all incidents that result in an employee fatality (Fat) or a catastrophe (Cat). The new regulation redefines catastrophe.
What does OSHA do when someone dies?
OSHA inspects the worksites where fatalities have occurred to determine whether a violation of OSHA safety and health standards occurred. These inspections are often comprehensive in nature, but at times may be limited to the area in which the fatality occurred.
What do we know about fat cat reports?
The Fatality/Catastrophe Report in OIS (FAT/CAT) is an unprogrammed activity (UPA) intake form that must be completed for all fatalities or catastrophes unless knowledge of the event occurs during the course of an inspection at the establishment involved.
What are the steps of eliminating hazards?
Fix the problem 1 Eliminate the hazard. Remove it completely from your workplace 2 Substitute the hazard. Replace it with a safer alternative 3 Isolate the hazard. Keep it away from workers as much as possible 4 Use engineering controls 5 Use administrative controls 6 Use personal protective equipment (PPE)
What is the meaning of eliminating hazard?
Hazard elimination is a hazard control strategy based on completely removing a material or process causing a hazard. Elimination is the most effective of the five members of the hierarchy of hazard controls in protecting workers, and where possible should be implemented before all other control methods.
What is it called when a hazard has been eliminated by a control measure?
Elimination is the process of removing the hazard from the workplace. It is the most effective way to control a risk because the hazard is no longer present. It is the preferred way to control a hazard and should be used whenever possible.
What term does OSHA use to describe the elimination of a hazard?
Hazard correction means the elimination or control of a workplace hazard in accord with the requirements of applicable Federal or State statutes, regulations or standards.
What is an example of eliminating a hazard?
A commonly used example of eliminating a hazard is a situation in which employees are working at a height above the ground level. Moving the work to ground level eliminates the fall hazard. Hazards may be eliminated by changing how or where the work is done.
What happens during an OSHA inspection?
The inspection includes an opening conference, a "walkaround" of all or part of the workplace, and a closing conference. This may take a few hours or several weeks, depending on the number of hazards, workplace size, and other factors. Take notes throughout the process.
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